UN*X Note

just some geek's notes. Placed here in case, I forgot or someone else didn't know...

Debian Testing and Upgrades

I've been running Debian testing for ages and for some time have been fairly annoyed by apt-get upgrade not upgrading all packages but keeping an ever growing list of installed software packages in "not upgraded" state. The solution wasn't hard to find or configure, I just wonder why it was not set as an option at install time. Just do the following (with root privileges):

vim /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10upgrade

(should create a new file in /etc/apt.conf.d -if exists just append the following line:) just feel free to use any editor of choice instead of vim.

Apt::Get::Upgrade-allow-new "1";

Next time it's going to upgrade (almost) everything. Anything that only needs additional files installed to be upgraded, that is. I did not alter the way removes are handled.