UN*X Note

just some geek's notes. Placed here in case, I forgot or someone else didn't know...

(Some) Public PGP Keyservers:

Encode full CD as single FLAC with optional cuesheet

AKA: The poor penguin's EAC

(you will need to have at least cdparanoia and flac installed, mkcue if you need to create cuesheets)

cdparanoia -- -number_of_tracks_on_cd -|flac -o FILENAME.flac -f -

If you need to create a Exact-Copy-style logfile, add logging options to cdparanoia. See man cdparanoia for instructions (just look for the -l flag. It's not as confusing as it might seem at the first look).

Cuesheet (optional):

mkcue /dev/cdrom>FILENAME.cue

Depending on your CD-burning software you might have to edit the resulting cuesheet and replace dummy.wav by FILENAME.wav as in the previous command and WAVE by FLAC.You'll find some more details about cuesheets here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cue_sheet_%28computing%29. In some cases it might be smarter to run cdparanoia and mkcue first and run flac without most of the options above but with --cuesheet:

mkcue /dev/cdrom>cdda.cue cdparanoia (no arguments needed unless you want logging as described before, output will go to cdda.wav) flac --cuesheet=cdda.cue cdda.wav

(output will be named cdda.wav.flac)